20 Nov

Created in 2oo5, the Angkor Photo Festival is the first photography festival to be held in Southeast Asia.
It is curated by Yumi Goto, photo documentary project coordinator and curator, and Antoine d’Agata, french photographer who studied at ICP in New York. Françoise Callier, who worked for seven years for the Photojournalism Festival Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan, is the Program Director.

Each year the weeklong event organizes exhibitions and outdoor slideshows by celebrated international and emerging Asian photographers in Siem Reap. The temples of Angkor become a hub for photographers to gather in a spirit of creativity and sharing.
The strong educational goals of the Angkor Photo Festival set it apart from other photography events. During their stay, renowned photographers tutor emerging Asian photographers in the free Angkor Photo Workshops, while the festival operates its own outreach program, the Anjali Children’s Photo Workshops.
“Cambodia, Our Vision.” collects pictures taken by the children during the 2008 and 2009 photo workshops. Here the preview, all proceeds from the sale of the book will directly support Anjali House activities.

Consistent with the festival’s mission of highlighting emerging Southeast Asian photographers, of the 11o photographers involved in 2o1o, fifty are from Asia.
Among the exhibitions, “Animals” by Italian Giacomo Brunelli, a truly beautiful bn series.
Furthermore: the Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase which presents female authors working in (that often means in support of) their native countries and highlights on last May’s Bangkok unrests and Haiti aftermath.

Visiting the web galleries and blogs (this one for example) which relate the event I like the way the wind seems to blow there: a festival which is more lively and less posh than many ones in Europe.

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